The Marnie Walker mysteries
Leo McNeir
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Message from Leo

Many readers will know that I use these occasional ‘messages from Leo’ to reply to questions that I have been asked. One such question has been: why do you write? 

This goes back to my original aim in writing. I began with a desire – possibly a need – to get something off my chest. It was not initially my intention to become a crime writer. My first attempt at a novel was the book that was eventually published as ‘Sally Ann’s Summer’. It introduced a number of the characters who would feature as regulars in the Marnie Walker Mysteries, including Ralph Lombard and Anne with an ‘e’. It was followed by ‘Getaway with Murder’, the first story to be published by Enigma Publishing. 

The success of ‘Getaway with Murder’ created a demand for more books in that series. I too had become attached to Marnie, Ralph, Anne and others, so I set about creating more novels in which they appeared. They seem to have become fixtures in my life. 

Eventually I found the time to devote myself to the subject matter that had been my original aim. I had in mind at first to write a trilogy of books set in modern times based on different characters confronted by extraordinary events and discoveries. In fact they became just two novels: ‘Gospel Truth’ and ‘Pilgrims’. Despite the titles they are not theological works. I then thought I had achieved my goal of expressing subjects that were important to me. 

However, readers thought otherwise and asked Enigma when further books would be published, including Rupert and Rachel Bradley and even the sinister Guardian. I’m now thinking of how to write a third book in that series. So far it is little more than the germ of an idea. Will it come to something? We shall see … 

Happy reading!