The Marnie Walker mysteries
Leo McNeir
"intelligent entertainment for the intelligent reader"


Message from Leo

This has been an unusually busy time. In the spring of this year Enigma Publishing brought out the latest Marnie Walker novel, ‘Beyond the Grave’. It was the thirteenth novel in the series and has met with great success.

 When I discussed future possibilities with Enigma Publishing I mentioned that I had completed a project that I had always wanted to write. The team became excited when they read the first part of that story – entitled, ‘Gospel Truth’ – and wanted to publish it without delay.

 The book was so well received that it was decided to publish the second part earlier than planned. The publication of ‘Pilgrims’ coincides with this upgrading of the website.

 ‘Gospel Truth’ and ‘Pilgrims’ are the story that I have had in my mind for many years. They are the reason I wanted to become a writer. I hope you will enjoy spending some time with Rupert Bradley and his associates, including his wayward wife Rachel, and even the sinister Guardian. On one level it’s a pacy tale full of intrigue and mystery. On another level it raises a number of issues that might surprise you. And, of course, there’s a twist in the tale to leave you wondering.


Happy reading!