The Apostle series
Leo McNeir
"The story I have always wanted to write"


Pilgrims  (The Apostle series part 2)


The quest goes on, but in a state of increased tension for everyone involved.

While Rupert and Sharma have fled to the remotest place imaginable, Rachel and Mather have also fled to a place of refuge. Deschamps has disappeared, presumed dead, and Baudouin is resorting to desperate measures to find him. The Guardian is becoming increasingly frustrated, calling on the talents of the glamorous and resourceful Madame Jenatzy. 

Desperate times call for desperate action. An unlikely heroine treads an unlikely path where danger is imminent and those she always regarded as her own people now pose a very real threat to her life.

 The Guardian calls for extreme measures and only has to lift his little finger to bring everything to a catastrophic conclusion.

 But fate and chance are ever-present, lurking in the background. And who can tell who or what is going to survive this perilous journey into the unknown?

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