The Apostle series
Leo McNeir
"The story I have always wanted to write"

Gospel Truth (The Apostle series part 1)

A powerful earthquake has struck northern Greece. As a result, a rare and ancient scroll is brought into the light of day completely by chance in the ancient church known as the Rotunda. Its discovery leads to deadly consequences.

Rupert Bradley, a young but distinguished expert on ancient languages, finds himself embroiled in the surprisingly dangerous task of revealing the meaning of the scroll. He has experienced danger in the past, but nothing has quite prepared him for the risks he takes on this quest. Teaming up with a highly unlikely partner, Rupert lurches from one peril to the next. Meanwhile his wife Rachel is torn between her superficially dashing lover and an improbable would-be rescuer.

In the background a powerful and ruthless force is at work, determined to eliminate the scroll and Rupert and anyone or anything that gets in the way.

A dilemma presents itself to Rupert. It may be a question of his wife or his life.

The scroll raises important questions, and points to possible answers, to one of the greatest mysteries of all time, perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery of them all.

It is a mystery as intriguing as – in fact more intriguing than – any that Leo McNeir has ever portrayed.

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