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Smoke and Mirrors

Smokes and Mirros by Leo McNeir



ISBN 9780953174270



It began as a simple process, the relocation of an ancient burial into the village churchyard. An injustice was being righted after 350 years.

But everything changed with the discovery of human remains on top of the earlier coffin. Whose body? How long had it been in the ground? Who had put it there? For Marnie Walker this was a mystery, but essentially someone else’s problem. Against her will and her better judgment she becomes drawn into the investigation at a time when the authorities begin taking steps to conceal the truth.


Meanwhile a major archaeological dig raises uncomfortable issues relating to witchcraft in and around the supposedly idyllic village where Marnie lives. And when bodies are found in shallow graves close to her canalside home, the police demand answers to some tough questions.


With the arrival in the area of a bizarre boat and its strange owner, matters start to get out of hand. Conflicts ancient and modern clash and Marnie runs into problems of her own making that have the potential to ruin an important part of her life forever.


The final twists reveal that there are more secrets surrounding Marnie and those close to her than she or they had ever imagined.

Once again in her life, nothing is quite what it seems …




". . . full of marvellous twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed it . . ."   The Butty


"Once again McNeir demonstrates the magic trick that only the best fiction pulls off: to make you care deeply about people who don’t exist."   Canals & Rivers



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