crime writer

Smoke without Fire

ISBN 9780992964214


Marnie Walker is surprised, even astonished, to learn the identity of the new man who has come to live in Knightly St John. He is probably the most eminent person ever to have set foot in the village. And he brings with him a strikingly beautiful great niece, though some in the community have doubts about their relationship. His arrival begs the question, why would such a man with such a history choose to move to this part of England?


Doubts grow when it gradually becomes apparent that the newcomer for all his greatness and charm has a past, and before long it starts to catch up with him. Soon, Marnie and everyone in the village get caught up in events that threaten the security of their peaceful world. When tragedy strikes, no one can be safe, as old conflicts come back to cast their shadow over the living and the dead.
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