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Sally Ann's Summer

Sally Ann's Summer by Leo McNeir

ISBN 9780953174256      

Here is where the story begins. 

Sally Ann's Summer tells the story of Marnie Walker's first trip on the narrowboat, Sally Ann. 

It answers all the questions that we have been asked over the past several years. How did Marnie come to be using her sister’s boat during the fateful summer that changed the direction of her life? When did she meet Anne, and how did their friendship begin? In what mysterious circumstances did she first encounter Ralph, and why did he later feel so diffident towards her? What was the origin of the Water Gypsy joke between Marnie and Mrs Jolly? Who adopted whom, Marnie or Dolly? 

The story of Marnie’s introduction to the waterways life is full of incident and is set against a background as sinister as any that she encounters in her later life. 

Regular readers will not be surprised that the new book contains a host of lively new characters: the redoubtable Iris Winterburn, one of the legendary Idle Women, Attila the skinhead, the threatening Gravel, sexy Sheena, who asks too many questions for her own good, the charismatic boat captain, Jack Hadley, and the Hooray Henrys. 

Marnie’s first summer as a boatman is never short of incident or discovery, ending, as always, with an intriguing twist in the tale.

We are sure that Leo McNeir’s loyal and growing readership will not be disappointed with the story of how it all began.   

“… Leo McNeir offers beautiful descriptions of the canals and life surrounding them – but always with an undercurrent of danger.”     Waterways World  

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