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Death in Little Venice

Death in Little Venice by Leo McNeir

ISBN 0953174220

Political rivalry and betrayal in the corridors of power of a government in its declining phase.

Death in Little Venice is the second story in the Marnie Walker series. It is a tale of loyalty and treachery, intrigue and deceit. The main suspects join forces to prove their innocence of murder, but no one is convinced by their story. And can they even trust each other?

“Political intrigue in the corridors of power at Westminster and alongside the canals add spice to the story, and flashes of humour combine to make this a most enjoyable whodunit.” Waterways World

“… a gripping tale of intrigue and betrayal …” The Citizen

“His are the only books our reviewer has read twice, just for the fun of it.” Canal & Riverboat

"Is it as clever as its title? Most definitely."  The Butty

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