Notes from a Life

I have sometimes been asked if I would be interested in writing a blog. Thinking about it, I’ve realised that it would require a considerable commitment to produce a regular and frequent commentary on my life. So rather than go down that path I’ve decided to record a number of episodes from my past that I hope might be of interest to readers of my books and beyond. 

I call these episodes ‘Notes from a Life’, and over time my aim is to string these together as a series of memoirs. Some will be light-hearted; others may be poignant, humorous, unusual or even strange. Among the latter I would include my conversations with three Archbishops, two of them eminent cardinals. But more of that later. 

The notes will not be chronological but selected in no particular order. To access them please click on the link below. Entirely by chance, the first relates back to an episode from my time in primary school. 

I hope readers will find Notes from a Life a satisfactory alternative to a traditional blog.


A Secret of the Universe - age 10
The Archbishop of Canterbury and I 
Legion of Honour
Cultural Revolution
The Cardinals