Message from Leo 

Hi everyone

I’d just like to say how touched I’ve been by the reaction to ‘Beyond the Grave’. It’s wonderful to receive so many messages from readers who have enjoyed the book. I value all these communications and I reply to every one of them with great pleasure, even if it takes me a little while to get through them.

A number of you have asked when the next book will be coming out. I know of course that you realise it takes time to produce a full-length novel, but I can tell you I am working on the next and I can hardly believe it will be the fourteenth in the series. One can never be certain about these things, but I’m hoping it might be ready for some time next year. The next Marnie Walker episode will be the pre-Christmas gift short story which I have now completed and which will be sent out to members of the mailing list some time in November. You’re keeping me busy . . . and it’s great fun.

Happy reading!