Message from Leo 

Hi everyone,

Change is in the air, and I don’t just mean the season.

Those of you who are familiar with this web site will probably have noticed one or two changes in the past few days. And there are more to come. You will see that new covers have appeared on the Kindle eBook versions of the novels, together with a new logo for Enigma Publishing. In fact the symbol used in the logo is taken from a photo of the actual ‘E’ key on an Enigma encryption machine from World War Two.

From my point of view the biggest change is the addition of a new title. The latest book in the Marnie Walker Mysteries series is now published, entitled, ‘Beyond the Grave’. The story involves not one grave but two, both of which embroil Marnie in as great a mystery as any she has encountered so far. All this is set against the background of a killer on the loose in the area. Typically, Marnie finds herself drawn into helping a hapless woman begging on the streets and sleeping rough. Fearing for the woman’s safety, Marnie does all she can to try to get her life together again … with intriguing results.

I hope all my readers will keep well and stay safe in these difficult, unpredictable times.

And as ever I wish you all

Happy reading!