Leo McNeir, Crime Writer


Before becoming a full-time writer, Leo McNeir was for over twenty years language consultant to the European Association of Local Government Chief Executives. In that capacity he edited twelve dictionaries in fifteen languages, the first one published by Cassell in 1993. He was the first professor of language policy at the European University for Local Government in Rome and also edited the official dictionaries of the National Assembly for Wales (English and Welsh), the Scottish Parliament (English and Gaelic) and a joint project for the Irish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly (English and Irish).

Leo and his wife, cookery writer Cassandra McNeir, live in a 300 year-old cottage in rural Northamptonshire.

Other works by Leo


Short Stories

Leo has recently written a number of short stories, which have been released to subscribers to the mailing list free of charge as pre-Christmas gifts. The first four of these can be read from the links below

A Death Foretold

Room 228

A Death in the Village

Marnie's Last Christmas


Cruising USA

In a special three part series, Leo explores the canals of New York State

By kind permission of Canals and Rivers magazine

Click on the title below to read the document in Adobe pdf format.

PART 1: How the west was really won

PART 2: Go West (not so) Young Man

PART 3: East is East

If any reader is interested in taking a holiday on the Erie Canal in New York State, please feel free to contact Leo if you would like further information about the practicalities.

He travelled on both the western and eastern sections of the canal and also the Mohawk and Hudson rivers and would be pleased to offer any advice that might be helpful in planning your own trip. It was quite an adventure!