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A message from Leo 

Hi everyone, 

I'm pleased to say that 'Kiss and Tell' is now available from Endeavour Press as an e-book via Amazon websites all around the world, including of course the UK. It follows on from their publication during the past few weeks of 'Getaway with Murder' and 'Death in Little Venice'. Next on the list is the e-book version of 'Sally Ann's Summer' which is due out in two weeks' time.

When I first announced the digital publishing arrangement with Endeavour Press I received several e-mails from readers saying how sad they were that the Marnie Walker series would no longer be available as 'real books'. Let me hasten to stress that in this country Enigma Publishing will continue to offer the paperback versions of the first ten books while at the same time Endeavour Press will be bringing out Kindle versions in fairly rapid succession. When the eleventh volume, 'Witching Hour', appears later in the year it will be published as an e-book and also as a paperback by the system known as print-on-demand. I hope that is reassuring.

Warmest regards to all my readers.

Happy reading!