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A message from Leo 

Hi everyone, 

It probably won’t surprise you to know that this is a busy time. When was it ever any different? I’m pleased to say that the Endeavour Press production line is rolling, and they have just brought out the second novel in the Marnie Walker series, ‘Death in Little Venice’, as an e-book. I’ve already received correspondence from readers in Australia asking when it will be available in their country. I’m sure that will be soon as Endeavour Press market the books worldwide. Over the coming weeks they will be issuing the whole series in e-book form via the Amazon web site. 

Meanwhile, the paperback editions of the first ten books will continue to be available from Enigma Publishing from this web site and via Amazon. They can also be ordered from good booksellers, quoting the relevant ISBN.

I seem to have become rather preoccupied with publishing and marketing matters over the past several months, but I am managing to continue writing, and I have one or two new ideas for the web site about which I will say more towards the end of the year. I’ll also let you know when the other books are appearing. 

I hope all my readers will enjoy this fine summer weather while it lasts. 

And above all, I wish you happy reading!